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„El Mechanico“ – Der Miguel Style

„El Mechanico“ – Der Miguel Style

Es gibt wohl nur wenig coolere Typen in der Welt des Golfsports als Miguel Angel Jiménez. Aber was ist das Erfolgsgeheimnis so einer Legende. hat versucht das herauszufinden …

Im Vorfeld der UBS Hong Kong Open – einem Turnier, das der 52-jährige Spanier nicht weniger als vier Mal gewonnen hat – sprachen sie mit „El Mecanico„, um seine fünf Tipps zu erfahren, wie man zu einem Gewinner wird im Golf … wie im Leben!




1. Mache mehr Asse und Hole-outs als alle anderen

“It’s because I’m good at what I do. I love to compete and try shoot the lowest score I can. I like to be aggressive and when you’re playing well and thinking well, magic things can happen.”

2. Feier dich selbst und deine exzellenten Leistungen

“Sometimes when I hole a good putt or a shot, the fans cheers and I try to give them something back. Whether it’s the sword or the salsa dance, it’s all good fun. I like to see people smile and usually I’m smiling if the ball goes in. You don’t know how often you’re going to hit great shots so you have to enjoy them when you can.”

3. Trage einen besonderen Golfschuh

“I like to dress nice and look good, it’s important to me. I always make sure I wear proper shoes, handmade in Bologna, full leather from Italy. You can get some great styles and colours of golf shoes so why not wear them when you play. It’s ok to stand out a little.”

4. Anständig relaxen nach der Runde

“I love cigars and good wine. That is how I like to relax after a round or at home. When it comes to cigars, it’s always Cohiba Siglo VI and for wine I like different reds from Rioja, all made with the Tempranillo grape of northern Spain. At home I have a lot of great wines and a humidor for my cigars. It’s nice to treat yourself every now and then.”

5. Genieße dein Golfspiel – hab Freude!

“The main thing to do on the golf course, and in life, is to have fun. Whatever it is you do, you need to enjoy it. I love playing golf so I like to smile and enjoy myself on the course. I’m very lucky to be able to make a living doing what I am so passionate about.”

Quelle: European Tour
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