Callaways GBB Epic Sub Zero Fairway Wood

Four key technologies work in conjunction to make Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero fairway woods fast, extremely forgiving and low-spinning to promote a remarkable combination of distance and control.

No. 1 is Callaway’s proprietary triaxial carbon that makes it 78% lighter than a steel crown.* The saved weight is repositioned in tactical places within the head to increase MOI for more stability on mis-hits. Triaxial carbon also lowers the Center of Gravity (CG), making this the lowest CG of any Callaway fairway wood.***

The second key technology is the latest generation of our proven Hyper Speed Face Cup technology, which increases the area of the face that delivers fast ball speed. Now, the thin and flexible rim around the inner side of the face flexes and releases more uniformly and efficiently at impact to further increase ball speed across the face.

The third key technology is our innovative Speed Step, developed through a cooperative effort between Callaway R&D and aerospace engineers. Located on the crown, the precise size, shape and position of the Speed Step improves the head’s aerodynamics to promote more speed and distance without swinging harder.

The fourth key technology is our adjustable weighting, which employs two interchangeable weights in the sole, toward the front and back, to adjust the launch and spin rate 250 rpm, helping more players get into the range that promotes maximum distance**. Install the heavier weight (22g) up front and the lighter weight (3g) in back for low-spin, lower launch conditions for a lower, flatter trajectory. Putting the heavy weight in back delivers mid-level spin, a higher launch angle and raises MOI for easier launch.

Aesthetically, Epic Sub Zero’s new, aero-elliptical shape is more than pleasing to the eye, it also bolsters MOI by positioning more weight farther back from the face. Other visual cues that make Epic Sub Zero stand out include the visible triaxial carbon weave on the rear half of the crown and the spirited green accents on the head, shaft and grip add this driver’s aesthetic appeal.

The stock shaft is Aldila’s Tour-proven Rogue MAX, which incorporates advanced materials and a unique carbon fiber multi-axial weave to promote an exceptional combination of consistency and stability.

GBB Epic Sub Zero fairway woods are targeted at a wide range of golfers seeking increased distance and control in an adjustable, forgiving and highly playable fairway wood. The
cornerstone of its performance is its extraordinarily light triaxial carbon crown, which allows for the lowest CG of any Callaway fairway wood.***

*Comparison of Epic fairway crown (5.8g) vs. XR16 fairway crown (26.5g)
**Based on robot testing
***Sub Zero Fairway Wood with 22g weight in forward position; refers to any Callaway fairway wood currently on the market

Features & Benefits

Increased Power and Forgiveness from Triaxial Carbon Crown
Incredibly light and strong triaxial carbon crown — 78% lighter than a steel crown* — frees up weight to increase MOI and lower the CG for easy launch and more power.

High Ball Speeds from Next-Gen Hyper Speed Face Cup
Fourth generation Hyper Speed Face Cup responds to off-center hits with greater efficiency to promote faster speed across more of the face.

Faster Head Speed from Speed Step Technology
Developed with direct input from aerospace experts, works with the new aero-elliptical head shape to improve airflow for faster swing speed and distance without extra effort.

Spin and Trajectory Control from Adjustable Weighting
Switching the positions of the 22g and 3g weights in the sole adjusts spin 250 rpm** to create a choice between lower launch, spin and trajectory or higher launch, spin, and trajectory.

Source: Callaway Golf Press Release
Fotos: Callaway Golf